About Lauren

Throughout much of my life, I grew up playing sports and living an active lifestyle with my family.  Healthy foods were almost always present and treats were just that; treats! In 2006, I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington with a degree in Community Health Education (Public Health). I had landed what felt like the most perfect major for my personality and passions and was excited for my professional future ahead.

Prior to starting Lauren Ashley Wellness, I explored and developed my passions for all things health, wellness and bettering people’s lives for more than 15 years. Nine of those years were spent working in corporate wellness developing, coordinating and implementing health education programs. From fitness training a diverse clientele and performing health risk assessments to coaching clients through healthy behavior changes, I have made a positive impact on many lives.  During this time, I also built a strong foundation of both community partnerships and client friendships. In late 2015, I switched education settings and became a high school career and technical education teacher, teaching anatomy and physiology and aiming to instill a passion for health and wellness into the students who sat under my instruction.

As a Certified Health Education Specialist with 15 years experience, I know well the struggles we face and the pressures we place on ourselves to be all things to all people.  I recognize that it often takes a harsh reality or a tough wake-up call to alter unhealthy behaviors or shift mindsets. Many of us find comfort in routine and well-marked paths, but life doesn’t always present itself with such clarity.  In helping clients alter behaviors and shift their mindsets, many wish they had done it sooner.  The freedom that comes with pursuing our passions and choosing a healthier lifestyle is not easy, but it is just that… freeing.  It changes everything!

Let me be your guide and the coach who nudges you outside of your comfort zone and helps you live in the freedoms of improved health. My coaching style is not that of a cookie cutter approach or a “one size fits most” program.  Each client is different, each client comes with their own history and hang-ups, each client has their own unique inner battle and therefore, each client will have their own course of action. Based on your readiness to change, we will evaluate your total wellness from six different dimensions. From there, we will have the opportunity to discuss food, exercise, stress, sleep, having a healthy mindset, recognizing supportive relationships, as well as placing value in something greater than yourself or those around you.

I am passionate about helping others live healthier, more balanced lives and look forward to equipping you with the tools you need to do just that.  Together, we can improve your health and therefore alter the next generations’ health history.

Side Note: I am married to Kevin, and electrical engineer. We have two little girls, Brynn (2017) and Alibeth (2019) who keep us very busy and our toes. We enjoy working out, traveling, exploring new places and spending time as a family.

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